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Actover is an integrated pharmaceutical company with many products and over 1,000 People specializing in fields of importation, marketing, production and distribution. Investment in high standard production facilities and qualified personnel has positioned Actover as a partner for under license production in Iran. we select our partners carefully so We are the official distributor of 12 world-class pharmaceutical manufacturers. For over 40 years, they have trusted Actover with their products in the ever-changing Iranian market . because Our commitment to our partners and our flexibility are the reasons .And we have done the capability of our products to comply with MOH policies. Our biotech plant located in Baharestan industrial zone near Tehran, started production in 2013 with a capacity of 10 million vials and PFS Our Purpose: We supply economic pharmaceutical products covering the needs of the market. We take our responsibility by producing the affordable. We aim to consolidate our position as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country. And we are going to do it with the long-term business partnerships in the fields of development, product supply and marketing.

Actover Bio

Actover biotechnology site was launched in 2015 with the aim of producing recombinant drugs such as MS drugs and monoclonal antibodies. At the beginning of the second half of 2019, phase 2 of biotechnology was put into operation and has the ability to produce raw materials and final products with the most up-to-date technologies in the world.


We are a pharmaceutical company specialized in high-quality oncology products in the Middle East. Actero is the result of the joint venture between Actoverco (the Iranian leading pharmaceutical company) and a renowned multinational company currently present in 120 countries. We are the combination of world-class quality standards and local production capabilities.


Atipharmed is a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company founded in Iran in 2011.The company is the first Modular GMP Licensed Pharmaceutical Company that focused on female sex hormones production in Iran. As a Tech-Transfer and Safety-Oriented Pharmaceutical Company, Atipharmed is committed to create the best solutions to empower women’s life at every stage through European joint-venture technology transfer.

Alborz Zagros

Alborz Zagros factory, with the participation of Actover Pharmaceutical Group, has been set up with the highest international standards, including OEL5, with the aim of producing special drugs (HAZARDOUS) for the production of MS and immunotherapy drugs.

Elite Daru

Elite Drug Capillary Drug Distribution Company We are a group of specialists and professionals who distribute pharmaceutical products and supplements to manufacturing and importing companies. Given that we are committed to our customers, we try to be one of the best human medicine distribution companies in the country. Since we have been able to distribute the products of our suppliers in recent years in the most appropriate ways and as soon as possible, We are one of the first choices of the owners of the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Relying on our facilities, we have been able to use a method that is appropriate and reasonable to the market conditions, so that since 2005, we have expanded the geographical area under our coverage in the center of all provinces and cities of the country. We want to use fast and advanced distribution methods, proper organization of activities, have the necessary competitive advantage and be at the highest level among competing companies and, like a completely economic organization, have a decent financial return. In this way. That we can meet our responsibilities and obligations and move towards increasing the interests of the stakeholder group (within and outside the organization). We always try to have a motivated and dynamic spirit in the company


Iran's favorable conditions in the production of active pharmaceutical substances (API) have caused more than 71% of the country's pharmaceutical needs to be produced domestically. Due to scientific and chemical processes and relatively high costs, active pharmaceutical ingredients are often produced by India and China. Obviously, the quality of the active ingredients is the most important factor in the quality and effectiveness of the final drug. This issue in Iran is sometimes accompanied by the negligence of local manufacturers and except for a few of the great chemists in the country, the rest of the manufacturers have not made efforts to maintain the quality of their products worldwide and this factor has made it impossible to export Iranian drugs to other countries. Therefore, considering the economic conditions of the country and the impossibility of using government currency to import quality products and international standards, Actover Group decided to set up its own effective pharmaceutical production site for use in its pharmaceutical products, which are at the level of standard and quality. Launch competition with the world's largest manufacturers and also meet the needs of those pharmacists who are looking to improve the quality of their products to enter global markets.
The transfer of technology in the manufacture and processing of pharmaceutical raw materials is one of the greatest achievements in the country so far and generally science does not meet the needs of the world, so the opening of the Actokem in addition to technology transfer processes The production of effective pharmaceutical materials to the country, provides products with quality and international standards that can compete with the world's major pharmaceutical companies. This issue will be achieved with the help of God and the efforts and pursuit of valuable Iranian experts

Actover Cell-Gene

Actover Cell-Gene Company has started its official activity in August 2020 with the aim of operating in the field of individual-based medicine and producing supplies, medical and laboratory equipment and using the scientific and technical capacities of Actover Group.
The subject of individual-based medicine is a very new and useful subject in the world. Accordingly, the genome of each individual is studied in order to have his own prescription. When a drug is to be prescribed to a person; It should be based on the patient's genome and by a specialist to increase its effectiveness.
This important technology is very effective for cancer treatment and helps to reduce the high cost of cancer treatment in the country and the world. Also, the issue of recognizing the human genome and individual-based medicine is also effective in preventing cancer and other diseases.
After the spread of Covid 19 disease all over the world, including of Iran, and the basic need for reliable medical solutions to diagnose this disease, this group decided to make and produce an Iranian sample of this product with a capacity of 100,000 units per day. To be able to take an effective step towards serving the country and transferring technical knowledge of manufacturing these products and preventing the outflow of currency from the country. Clearly, the transfer of technical knowledge of these products has led to the production of other types of diagnostic kits that will be presented to the medical equipment market this year.


Actotech Pharmaceutical and Food Group at the end of 1398, in line with the group's development document and the need to pay attention to the basics of science production and based on the long-term goals of the country's development system in line with the economic leap program and paving the winding road New work in the field of health; With the focus on food and medicine, he decided to set up a knowledge-based complex in the Science and Technology Park of Sharif University of Technology. This complex was put into operation in August 1399 in the presence of the Vice President for Science and Technology.
Octotech has started with regular planning for a university-industry-oriented approach as a leading accelerator in the connection between science and practice, so that both the knowledge-based theories of the country's elite academics and youth can use the existing capacities in the comprehensive practice group. To achieve the points that require extensive laboratory research in the production sector through the university; The Octotech Accelerator is therefore an advanced R&D suite with the requirements of a science and technology park in which serious scientific debates on a wide range of science topics take place. This complex with an industrial laboratory is at the disposal of national researchers to carry out their projects in it with the support of the group.
Conversations between academic thinkers with industry leaders and supervising student dynamics, as well as holding face-to-face meetings and practical training classes, are other features of this accelerator.
Also , Aktotech Accelerator in the work process, first identifies the ideas and business groups that have a high coefficient of success in the mentioned field, and by providing the workspace, networking facilities, migration and mentoring, their field of success. Is provided.
Creating a space for dialogue and constructive communication between startups and large industries is what is known as one of the main tasks of any accelerator , including the Octotec accelerator. Octotech is committed to using the wide network of health activists at its disposal. Make an effort to create the necessary conditions to attract the financial capital needed by startups