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Focused on quality, we move together for a healthy future with Collaboration, Integrity and Dynamism.

Together for a healthy future

The business environment is a dynamic and constantly changing environment; efficient human resources is the key to success for competing in this environment. Joining Actoverco will provide you with the possibility to improve your professional skills towards your career goals.

Join the Actoverco Team

Interview process in the company

Our goal at Actoverco’s Human Resources Department is to assess your skills, abilities and competencies as a potential work force, as well as to examine people's compliance with the company's values and organizational culture.
Please attend the interview sessions on time and be ready to interact with us, so that we can all enjoy the interview in a productive atmosphere.
Think about the skills and experience that qualify you for the position and be prepared for the interview session.

Human Resources Message

Our values are:
• Quality;
• Collaboration;
• Integrity
• Dynamism

Send your cv to, if your values are in common with ours.

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